Thursday, January 8, 2009

World Book Online

These World Book Online products are available for use in the library and from home

World Book AdvancedWorld Book Advanced - More than 1.3 million pages of primary source documents–books, documents, selections–fully integrated with the encyclopaedia content. Research and teaching tools include timelines, citation builder, and saved research.

World Book StudentWorld Book Student - The premier online reference source. With thousands of articles, state-of-the art multimedia, editor-reviewed Web sites, periodical content, and more!

World Book Kids World Book Kids - With content from the award winning World Book Student Discovery Encyclopaedia, the site offers simpler navigation, thousands of colourful illustrations, diagrams, and maps, and dozens of activities tied to national curriculum standards.

World Book Discover World Book Discover - World Book's differentiated instruction site features read-aloud and translation capabilities, more video, and clear, easy-to-read articles.

To Access World Book Online
Log into your Library Account at
Your library card number in the ID box
Your date of birth entered as dd/mm/yyyy in the PIN box
Click on Login
Click on My Database to view World Book Online products
Click on the icon of the product you wish to access.

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