Thursday, May 19, 2016

Google Analytics 101 - Learn for FREE with UniversalClass

Tracking tools are an important part of a website toolkit. Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools for tracking website user patterns, so webmasters can identify landing page strengths and weaknesses. Google offers the tool for free.
This course covers a beginner to intermediate level introduction to Google Analytics. It walks you through the set up process and helps you work with important dashboard metrics that you can use to improve website conversions and traffic. It shows you how to set up customised reports and link your Analytics to your account with other integral Google properties such as Adwords, Webmasters Tools and Adsense.
Goals, filters and segments are covered, so you can control the data you see in each graph and create specific reports on common elements important to webmasters such as sessions, users, unique visitors and pageviews. The course also shows you how to track conversions, so you know if your marketing pages are converting traffic to customers or falling short and harming your sales.
Finally, this course covers basic SEO metrics linked between Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. You'll learn to identify common search engine phrases on your site that have impressions in result pages when users perform a query.
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