Friday, May 15, 2015

Author Talk - Carol Baxter

Rockdale City Council presents a talk by Carol Baxter introducing her new book

The Black Widow

About the Book
‘Never before in the hundred year history of Australia has a female prisoner become so notorious as Louisa Collins.’ —The Evening News
Two inquests, four trials, three hung juries and the executioner…but was Louisa Collins really a husband killer? Was she the callous adulteress, drunkard and liar known as the Botany Bay Murderess and the Lucretia Borgia of Botany Bay? Or was this mother of seven a spirited and defiant woman who was punished for breaching society’s expectations of womanly behaviour?
Compelling, freshly told and richly detailed, Black Widow uncovers the truth of a story that challenged the morality, the politics and the notion of law in an Australia on the edge of nationhood. 
Thursday 18 June 2015
Council Chambers
1st Floor
Rockdale Town Hall
448 Princes Highway, Rockdale
This is a free event. Light refreshments will be provided.
Bookings are essential
Please book online at
If you don't have an email address please call Rockdale Library on 9562 1824 
About the Author
Pursuing thieves and murderers through the ages is just an average day for the history detective, Carol Baxter. Like Dr Who, she hunts ordinary individuals who unwittingly had such an extraordinary impact on their world that the consequences changed the course of history. Then she brings their stories to life as ‘non-fiction thrillers’. 

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