Friday, August 24, 2012

How Safe Is Your Bathroom? A talk by Antonietta Natoli

When you think of your bathroom most of us recall that room we use every day, often not ever thinking about it (until guests are coming…).  Most of us are blissfully unaware of the hidden elements present in the majority of everyday products we use for personal care and cleaning. It is now common knowledge that ingredients in many common products have a variety of effects on our bodies including hormonal disruptions, allergies, headaches, depression, chronic fatigue, birth defects, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, irritability, reduced immune system, memory loss and even CANCER.

What's worse is we’ve all contributed to help create the most dangerous room in the house – the bathroom.
 Do you know why and how we created it? Did you know the effects of what we commonly use in the bathroom has been proven to not only affect you and your family but also future generations?

Come and discover the hidden truth of what lurks in your bathroom at a FREE talk by Antonietta Natoli Natural Health Practitioner at Health By The Bay.

Day: Friday 14 September 2012
Time: 1pm
Location: Rockdale City Council Chambers
448 Princes Highway, Rockdale

Free entry with light refreshments provided
Bookings essential on 9562 1821

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